May 15, 2021

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12 families evicted in Rincón | PRESENT

Twelve families from the Estela de Rincón sector had to abandon their homes due to the floods caused by the Isaías storm and the rain that has occurred in the area today.

At least one of the people is bedridden, for which it would be rescued by the municipality.

The mayor Carlos D. López Bonilla was also attentive to the search for a woman after they found a vehicle that apparently was dragged by the screed of the Calvache ravine.

the Estela community we have 12 families and at this time we are going there because we have to take a family out and take them to the shelter because the 2nd and 3rd streets of this community are flooded, "he explained to EL VOCERO.

Most of the families would go to take refuge with relatives, but at least two would go to the city shelter, according to what he explained. .

Highway 115, he said, is closed. The Municipality, he said, had already removed five trees that fell with the storm and there are still another 30 to be removed.

"The 411 and 115, which are the main roads of the town, are practically closed," he said. "115 is impassable. From Añasco to Rincón there is no step. I compare these levels of rain with María or a little more because the Calvache gorge came out with too much force. ”

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