March 2, 2021

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121 new hospitalizations in Puerto Rico by COVID in 4 days

Since last Monday, July 13, hospitalizations in Puerto Rico for the coronavirus COVID-19 have increased in 121 cases according to data published by the Puerto Rico Department of Health.

Twitter: Juan Carlos Pedreira

From the Health digital panel it appears that there are currently about 280 patients on the Island, a higher number than the one reported on Monday who were at 159. This morning the network On US news, CNN listed Puerto Rico as one of the jurisdictions with a spike in hospitalizations for COVID-19.

That July 13, of the 159 people hospitalized, 15 were in the intensive care area and 8 with a ventilator.

The day after, on Tuesday the 14th, Salud reported an increase of 47 hospitalizations for a total of 206. However, that Tuesday a decrease of one person in intensive care was reported, 14, while patients with ventilator aume There was one case with 19.

Another significant increase in hospitalizations occurred on Wednesday, reporting an additional 48 cases, reaching the figure of 254, although the intensive and ventilator patients remained at a similar number, standing at 18 and 11. respectively

From yesterday to Thursday, a difference of 26 additional hospitalizations was reported. In the case of intensive care patients, an increase was also reported for today from 18 to 25 and with a ventilator from 11 to 14.

Even so, last night oncologist Fernando Cabanillas said that the situation of hospitalizations still does not indicates that COVID-19 has been taken out of control in Puerto Rico, but that it is an area that should continue to be closely watched. The doctor who was one of the first to treat COVID-19 on the Island pointed out that the occupation of hospital beds is at 62%, which is below the normal average of 75%. While the occupation of beds in Intensive is 62%, and rooms with negative pressure is 44%. He pointed out that in the line of fans Puerto Rico has enough available. "We have not yet reached a critical moment, but obviously this can change rapidly […] this has to be looked at day by day," said Cabanillas in Jugando Pelota Dura.

The rebound of recent days in cases of COVID-19 in the island has led some municipalities to take additional measures established by the central government, decreeing different curfews, beach closings, and even the closure of establishments allowed in the executive order at the state level.

Today, the governor Wanda Vázquez will offer a televised message to inform the new measures that she will take in view of the increase in these numbers, since in addition to hospitalizations, the number of infections has also reported a significant rise. Vázquez anticipated in a television interview that he is not inclined to return to a lockdown, but that he will resume restrictive measures in specific sectors that did not follow previous executive orders.

On Monday, July 13, Salud reported some 2,811 confirmed cases, as opposed to 3,119 today, an increase of 308 cases in 4 days.

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