June 13, 2021

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$ 131 million in federal funds announced for projects related to disaster reconstruction

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SAN JUAN – The Resident Commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón, highlighted the approvals of funds by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) totaling $ 131,811,391.63 for about 40 projects throughout the island under the Public Assistance program.“This amount is the federal contribution of the total cost of the projects. For the works related to Hurricane María, FEMA contributed 90 percent of the costs and 75 percent for the project included in this approval related to the earthquakes in the south, ”explained González Colón in written statements.

FEMA obliges the Government of Puerto Rico to finance these projects directly, which is responsible for distributing the funds in a reimbursable manner to the recipients after each one provides the necessary documentation and undergoes the review process.
Of the announced disbursements, the one destined for the Municipality of Guánica is the only one not related to the impact of Hurricane María. $ 1,578,489.41 would be allocated for the demolition of private property, this in relation to the buildings affected by the earthquakes.

Under category C, road and bridge work, the Department of Transportation and Public Works will receive $ 18,240,925.63 for four projects and $ 7,670,237.94 to repair three lanes on the PR-803 highway; the Municipality of San Lorenzo will receive 1,249,469.42 dollars for repairs in the Espino neighborhood; The Municipality of Lares will receive 1,162,416.92 dollars for the PR-431 and PR-426 in the Camino Milton Pérez community in the Río Prieto sector; and the Municipality of Coamo will receive 1,082,473.46 dollars for the repair of four segments on highway 702 in the Palmarejo neighborhood.

The Municipality of Jayuya will receive several funds to repair damages from Hurricane María. Between them he will receive 4,122,059.68 dollars and 2,828,098.47 dollars for repairs in the Collores neighborhood; 2,152,354.50 dollars to repair bridges and highways on the PR-528 in the Cuatro Calles sector of the Zamas neighborhood; and 2,668,204.39 dollars to fix six stretches of paved roads on Highway 144 km 5.0 inland that serve the communities of the Puerto Plata and Caricaboa neighborhoods.

Under category E, works in public buildings and their contents, the municipality of Dorado will receive 1,158,387.27 dollars for the municipal garage; the University of Puerto Rico will receive $ 4,761,416.12 for replacement of the building in the Bayamón campus and $ 1,833,936.89 for repairs at the Cayey campus; the Spanish Society for Mutual and Charitable Assistance will receive 1,067,784.64 dollars for the medical records storage building.

Likewise, the Fire Department will receive 1,109,198.10 dollars for repairs to damages to the Central Offices; the San Rafael Geriatric Center will receive 1,272,856.50 dollars to repair the damage to the structure of its building; the Sor María Rafael Home School will receive 1,931,716.04 dollars to repair the structure of its school campus; Colegio San Benito in Humacao will receive $ 9,359,760.72 for repairs to its facilities, including classrooms and the library; Disciples of Christ Christian Church will receive $ 4,598,156.57 for the repair of the Church and three subsequent buildings that suffered damage to their structures after Hurricane Maria; and the Ryder Home for the Elderly Inc. located in Humacao will receive $ 3,999,424.44 for repairs to its housing complex.

The University of Puerto Rico Humacao campus will receive 7,369,020.14 dollars to repair three buildings; The University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo Campus will receive $ 6,823,581.20 for repairs to buildings that suffered damage as a result of Hurricane María.
In turn, the Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment Authority will receive $ 1,085,536.36 to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Maria to the three facilities of the former Roosevelt Roads naval base station.

The Municipality of San Juan will receive $ 2,965,993.38 for repairs to the Medical Clinic of the AIDS program and $ 1,274,102.60 for the Department of Public Works; the National Guard will receive $ 2,585,458.79 for the training facilities in Vega Baja; and the Central University of the Caribbean, Inc. will receive $ 4,539,555.51 for building repairs.
Similarly, the Public Buildings Authority will receive 1,090,330.66 dollars for the Guayama Region: 5 government centers, 6 police stations, 4 district court buildings, located between the towns of Arroyo, Coamo, Guayama, Maunabo, Patillas, Salinas and Santa Isabel.

Under category G, permanent jobs in parks, recreational centers, and other facilities, the Municipality of Bayamón will receive $ 2,909,463.88 for the forest park and sports complex, while the Municipality of Fajardo will receive $ 1,361,570.65 for repairs to buildings.

The Municipality of Toa Baja will receive $ 1,635,535.82 for repairs to the Baseball Stadium Complex in the third section of Levittown; the Municipality of Comerío will receive 1,738,073.27 dollars for the Media Luna Complex recreational facility; Yauco will receive 8,746,777.26 dollars for repairs to the Millino park in the Lucchetti Sector.

On the other hand, under the Disaster Declaration issued to Puerto Rico, $ 6,014,947.00 was allocated for staff training, resources for both the Puerto Rico Planning Board and the Office of Permits Administration to effectively enforce the requirements of the process of permits and process violations including the illegal construction of structures on the Island. These funds are authorized under Section 404 of the Robert T. Stafford Emergency Assistance and Disaster Relief Act.

In turn, $ 7,824,078.00 was assigned to finance the cost of administration of DR4339. This amendment covers the contractual, staffing, fringe benefits, rental space, and budget supply categories in order to implement critical activities necessary to advance the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). These funds are authorized under Section 404 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, Section 1215 of the DRRA as amended, Section 324 of the Stafford Act, and 44 CFR Part 206.434.

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