May 12, 2021

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19-year-old man arrested for controlled substances in Guayanilla

They took him crack, cocaine and heroin

Guayanilla – According to the Police, the arrest of a man was reported on Thursday afternoon on the premises of the Padre Nazario residential complex in Guayanilla.

According to the police report, agents assigned to the Yauco Drug Division intervened with 19-year-old Juan Ernesto Martínez.

He was arrested after seizing 19 bags of crack, 10 bags of cocaine, 37 decks of heroin, and $ 131 in cash.

Agents Jaime Irizarry and Juan Ortiz of the Yauco Drug Division consulted with Prosecutor Bello, who instructed to leave Ernesto Martínez, in the custody of the Puerto Rico Police, and then file the corresponding criminal charges today.

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