April 16, 2021

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3.9% of serological tests in adult care are positive | government

The Department of Health reported the results of the screening effort in long-term care homes for the elderly, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Since April, the National Guard, 330 Centers and the Health Department have impacted 342 long-term care homes in 65 municipalities.

3.9% of serological tests have had a positive result. 4.0% of household residents have tested positive for the serological test, Salud reported.

Since the initiative began in April, 13,197 serological tests have been performed on employees and residents of long-term care centers. Of these, 378 have been positive.

In addition, another 9,412 molecular tests have been performed on employees and residents. Results of molecular tests were not included.

In the most recent report that includes the last week they reported that 1,431 serological tests have been carried out: 551 to employees and 880 to residents. Of these, a total of 34 employees and 60 residents have tested positive for serological tests.

In addition, 636 molecular tests have been performed on 272 employees and 364 residents. The results of these tests were not reported.

A total of 24 homes for the elderly or aegis have declined to participate in the initiative.

The municipalities with the highest number of households affected are: San Juan (52), Bayamón (32), Trujillo Alto (11), Mayagüez (11), Ponce (11), Isabela (10), Toa Baja (10) and Yauco (10 ).

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