April 22, 2021

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4.8 Tremor Sows Fear Again in Southwest Residents

The 4.8 magnitude tremor that occurred last night in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, between Peñuelas and Ponce, will not have caused new damage to structures, but it was again responsible for raising fear among the residents of the southwest of the Island.

“It was a scare and big. At that time, they are bigger, because people are lying down and resting "said Guánica's mayor, Santos Seda.

Ponce was again the municipality that registered the most structural damage. However, Mayor María “Mayita” Meléndez commented that these were buildings that were previously previously affected by the constant telluric movements that have been experienced in the area since December 2019.

The structure that most concerns her is the Martinó building. , located on Torres Street.

"It is about to fall and Ponce does not have the preparation or the equipment to demolish it," he told Primera Hora .

He said that the municipality reached an agreement with the Office of Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (COR3) to bring it down. But, the mayor alleged that its director, Ottmar Chávez now refuses to take over the work.

“Ottmar Chávez refuses to take over that building, but I am sorry. They are going to have to take charge and I am going to call him today and I am going to call the governor (Wanda Vázquez). The street has been completely closed "since the beginning of May, due to the danger represented by the structure, denounced Meléndez.

Both the Martinó building and two others affected in yesterday's earthquake, which are located on Villa calle Concordia street, as well as in Jobos street, they are “historical heritage”. For this reason, the mayor regretted the devastating effect that these earth movements have.

The fourth building affected is private and is called Estancias de Aragón.

“It is marked in red and people still live there. The municipality cannot go to remove them from there, because it is private. The Board of Directors has to remove them, because the building collapsed at one end, "he commented.

Like his fellow mayors, Meléndez pointed out that the worst effect is the psychological one.

" I only ask for the Calm down and entrust yourself to Daddy God. Everyone has to be ready if they have to go out, "he recommended.

Meanwhile, the municipalities of Peñuelas, Guayanilla, Guánica and Yauco do not present additional structural damage to those already reported in past earthquakes. Refugees are also not registered. These towns, along with Ponce, have been the most affected.

The mayor of Guánica stressed that the most he is concerned about is the emotional health of his town.

"He is about to fall and Ponce does not have the preparation nor the team to demolish it, ”said Mayor María" Mayita "Meléndez.

He said that he has two families living in some modules on municipal land, because they are reluctant to return home.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Peñuelas, Gregory Gons González, noted that “thank God, so far, nothing new. There was no collapse and no one has been reported to report damage. ”

He regretted, however, that the tremor was“ again reliving the earthquakes in January and feelings come out, because it was on January 6 that he gave us the alert and everyone was relating one thing to the other. It is to get those feelings afloat with anxiety and fear that the same thing will happen again in January. ”

For his part, the mayor of Guayanilla, Nelson Torres Yordán, was sincere and acknowledged that the most that hurt him was not being beside their daughters when they were frightened by the tremor. He said that he was in San Juan due to the debate of the candidates for the governorship.

The mayor regretted the devastating effect that these earthworks have.

"It was the scare and the scare of my daughters is worth a lot," she accepted.

She added that "basically that is the biggest problem, the psychological aspect. People are affected and are afraid that what happened on January 7, (which recorded a magnitude 6.4 earthquake) was registered. ”

Likewise, the mayor of Yauco, Ángel Torres, reported that there were no damages in his people.

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