June 11, 2021

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42-year-old nurse dies of COVID-19

A 42-year-old nurse died of COVID-19 on the island, reported The new day.

Initially, it was indicated that the nurse worked at the Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Susoni, in Arecibo. However, the executive director of said institution, Jormalyz Medina, clarified that he did not work in that hospital.

“We unite ourselves to the grief that the family, friends, relatives and colleagues of the deceased nurse and all those who have suffered a loss caused by this disease. Our condolences, ”Medina added in written statements.

As the spokesperson for the Puerto Rico College of Practical Nursing, Julio Irson Ramos, told El Nuevo Día, the woman struggled with the disease for at least two weeks and identified her as Christine Reyes Lorenzana.

Irson Ramos mentioned that she was a professional nurse and an epidemiologist nurse.

Reyes Lorenzana is the twelfth nurse to die from the virus on the island.

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