February 26, 2021

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$ 48 million worth of drugs seized during two interventions in the Caribbean Sea

Six people were arrested

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San Juan —The commander of District 7 of the Coast Guard, Eric Jones reported the seizure of thousands of kilograms of cocaine and amphetamines, as well as the arrest of 6 people who supposedly transported it through the Caribbean Sea.

According to the report, it was 1,981 kilograms of cocaine and 28 kilograms of amphetamines. Estimated value is $ 48 million

“Our relationships with the nations in the Caribbean Basin, along with law enforcement agencies, allow us to support operations against international criminal organizations that attempt to traffic people and drugs into the United States,” Jones said in written statements. .

For his part, federal prosecutor W. Sthephen Muldrow said that “we will continue to work with state and federal agencies, as well as with our Dutch and British colleagues to combat drug traffickers.”

According to Jones, the first intervention occurred on September 24. A Customs and Border Patrol agency plane detected a suspicious vessel that had no lights. A Coast Guard vessel intersected the vessel. The crew were three people allegedly from the Dominican Republic. Inside there were 13 bundles with 260 kilograms of cocaine.

The second intervention occurred on September 28 and was carried out by a vessel of the British Royal Fleet. The helicopter accompanying the boat detected a speedboat with multiple packages and barrels. A nearby Dutch ship patrolling with Coast Guard personnel posted offered assistance.

Inside the fast boat were a Colombian, a Venezuelan and a Dominican. They occupied 49 bales containing 1,721 kilograms of cocaine and a package with 28 kilograms of amphetamines.

The six arrested await the filing of the corresponding charges.

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