May 15, 2021

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98% of travelers comply with restrictions when arriving on the island | government

98% of the travelers who arrived on the island comply with the new provisions due to the coronavirus pandemic, as confirmed by the Secretary of Health, Carlos Mellado Lopez.

Of the 47,825 travelers, 34,553 presented the result of the molecular test and 12,791 were carried out within 48 hours, as stipulated in the administrative order 2021-499 that came into force last Wednesday, April 28 in order to minimize the contagions.

“We are happy with the results so far and we will continue to improve the process. Day by day we were able to observe an increase in the number of travelers with the result of the tests and others who manage it within the 48-hour period of arriving on the Island. Certainly, what we are looking for is compliance and not setting a fine, but those who fail to comply, beyond paying $ 300, must be in quarantine until the test is done and present it in their traveler declaration account, “said Mellado López.

According to the travelers registry, in the first five days a total of 481 fines were awarded, which represents $ 144,300. Payment of fines is made through the portal or at the bus station at the airport.

The Secretary of Health stressed the importance that “all passengers must remain in quarantine until the molecular test is carried out. We seek to detect positive cases in time to be able to avoid contagion, offer citizens an effective treatment and, if necessary, monoclonal treatment to reduce the risks of hospitalizations ”.

They intervene with more business

On the other hand, the Investigations Office carried out 33 interventions during the weekend in the towns of Culebra, Río Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba, Carolina, San Juan and Cataño.

In Culebra, we intervened with Caracoles Restaurant, Happy Landing, Dakity Gas Station and El Nuevo Mini Más. Similarly, in San Juan there was a voluntary closure and a fine for Garabatos and Fuego Criollo. For the municipality of Cataño, operations were carried out at Pizzería Los Varios and Frente Marítimo.

While, in Aguas Buenas, a family birthday party was intervened with 60 people, for violation of the executive order, crowding and not having a dispensation to hold the event. Likewise, in the municipality of Cataño, a family was directed for non-compliance.

“We have intervened with several tourists, however, they have been in compliance with the law, providing the information required in the Traveler’s Declaration. We continue to be vigilant and guiding merchants and consumers to comply with what is established, “said Jesús Hernández, director of the Office, noting that they continue to receive confidences through e-mail. [email protected].

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