June 14, 2021

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A 74-year-old man is the latest victim of Covid-19 | government

The Department of Health reported a death from coronavirus (Covid-19) in its most recent report, which increases the total number of deaths from the novel virus to 154.

Meanwhile, 25 confirmed cases and 53 cases were recorded. additional probabilities. With this, the total number of confirmed and probable cases on the Island rose to 7,683.

The confirmed death corresponds to a 74-year-old man from the Ponce region. With this additional death, the total number of confirmed deaths is 60 and the probable number remains at 94. Salud recalled that any death recorded after the report was issued will be reflected in subsequent reports.

The total number of confirmed cases was adjusted to 1,791 after eliminating a duplicate case with a sampling date of March 30. Confirmed cases are those that have a positive molecular test (PCR). The results correspond to 887 women and 904 men.

On the other hand, in the line of probable cases the total increased to 5,892 after being adjusted by subtracting one case that had a positive molecular test, dated June 29. In addition, one case reported as positive was subtracted, which the laboratory later reported as negative.

Of the probable cases, 3,140 are women and 2,752 are men. Probable cases are those that test positive to a rapid (serological) test.

Total adjustments are made as part of an effort by the Department of Health, entities, and clinical laboratories to ensure that all samples taken for Covid- 19 is registered in the Bio Portal, regardless of the date it was taken.

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