June 19, 2021

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A Bayamón pediatrician dies from COVID-19

Edith Marrero Pesquera, a pediatrician from Bayamon, died in the morning hours of Christmas by COVID-19.

With this death, eleven doctors have lost their lives in Puerto Rico due to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, three of them pediatricians.

“It makes us very sad. Edith was working until she got sick and was hospitalized in Manatí… The reality is that Edith deteriorated quite quickly. She was ill and had to be hospitalized, but about two days later she had to be intubated and she died this morning. The disease evolved very quickly “, explained the president of the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Victor Ramos, to The new day.

To date, 160 doctors have the virus, seven of them in a condition of care, according to the doctor.

“It only took days from diagnosis to Edith’s death. It wasn’t that he spent months in the hospital. I think she was hospitalized for no more than a week. There is everything; there are patients who are hospitalized for months and there are patients who only survive for days. Although we see that, relatively speaking, the numbers are going down, you have to spend Christmas and the New Year’s Eve alone or only with your family nucleus. If not, we will increase the cases again, as happened in the elections and Thanksgiving. We are concerned that it will happen again “Ramos said.

This is why he asked the public to take all possible precautions, use masks, maintain social distancing and disinfect their hands.

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