March 5, 2021

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A cloud of dust arrives from the Sahara, but moisture remains that will produce downpours this afternoon

Although the axis of a tropical wave is no longer over Puerto Rico, its remnants left enough moisture in the area to cause showers and thunderstorms that could affect much of the island this afternoon.

In fact, the presence of humidity is such that the mass of dry air with dust from the Sahara that arrived today, Thursday, on the island will not inhibit the development of rains, predicted the meteorologist of the National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Jun Lee Ann Inglés Serrano.

“Today there is residual moisture from yesterday’s wave. The axis is already outside the local area but humidity associated with it will be moving over our sectors. That means we could see another round of downpours and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Now in the morning we are seeing downpours that affected sectors of Carolina and Bayamón. So there are showers coming in and they will continue due to the flow of the wind that is from the east “, the expert detailed in an interview with The new day.

However, the presence of dust from the Sahara will limit the formation of showers in the morning, during which time High temperatures could be recorded in the lower 90 degrees Fahrenheit and heat indices as high as 102 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the forecast.

“Those temperatures will be mostly in urban and coastal areas,” said Inglés Serrano.

At the same time, the meteorological agency urged people with respiratory ailments to take precautions to avoid complications due to the presence of Saharan dust.

“In general, thunderstorms are expected with these downpours and stronger gusts of strong wind with the thunderstorms,” ​​anticipated the meteorologist.

He indicated, in turn, that accumulations of rain could be generated through urban and poorly drained areas, as well as in small streams that could react with the heaviest downpours.

In fact, the SNM issued a moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams for most sectors on the island.

Map showing low irrigation in yellow and moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams in orange. (NOAA / NWS)

“This pattern will continue in the west of the island and it is expected that at night the downpours will concentrate in the east and southeast where thunderstorms and scattered showers are expected,” he said.

Inglés Serrano anticipated that the weather conditions will improve a little between tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

“What will happen is that the downpours will not be so widespread, but there will be remaining moisture that will produce downpours and thunderstorms in northern sectors, even in the San Juan metropolitan area. But the activity will be less generalized and less explosive, “he said.

They ask for caution on the beaches

The SNM urged bathers and navigators to exercise caution on most beaches because the waves are choppy,

“We have a warning for small boat operators starting today at 2:00 pm, because we have waves of up to seven feet. This wave extends towards the passage of the flood and the area between the big island and Culebra. These conditions are expected to remain with choppy waves until Friday afternoon “, stressed the expert.

Inglés Serrano explained that there will also be strong winds through the local area with up to 20 knots, so this will also increase the development of high waves.

“We do not have a high risk of ocean currents, but we do have a moderate risk. So we recommend bathers to exercise caution, because we have seen situations of people affected on the beaches, “he said.

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