June 14, 2021

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a different and refreshing musical proposal

With the theme 12 disciples show the unity within the Catholic Church in urban music.

Dominican Republic – The Dominican urban artists, José Alexis Marte García and Starlin Rafael Napoleón, better known as Renovado DC, launched the musical theme along with other music ministries from other parts of the world 12 disciples.

It is a different and refreshing musical proposal in which they participated: Rabasco, J – Julian, Siervo, Smicer MC, Fernando el Ministro, Supa Big, Elton Rey, Aharon, Tierra de Zión and the Puerto Rican Will El Salmista.

With the theme 12 disciples they show the unity within the Catholic Church in urban music.

“We started for the year 2005 with the intention of encouraging the youth of our parish; We did it with urban music, since it was the music our young people were consuming, ”Renovado DC explained to La Perla del Sur about its beginnings.

Likewise, they detailed that at first there were three members, then three more joined until 2009 when the group disintegrated and only Starlin Rafael and José Alexis remained. “We call ourselves Renewed DC as its name says because we were renewed by Christ the DC which means Of Christ”, they indicated.

Renovado DC is identified as artists by their style, urban flow and the lyrics of their songs, which are aimed at bringing a good message to youth.

They have three musical productions: The Face of Mercy, Harvest Time and Speaking Clear. His favorite song is Pending Alert because it represents his Faith and speaks of all that they are as Catholics.

“What we are most passionate about is being able to evangelize with our music, being in contact with people and, above all, being able to bring Christ through our music,” they expressed about their passion for urban and Catholic music.

Regarding their short-term plans, they indicated that they want to finish their fourth production and hold an in-person concert to end 2021, if the pandemic allows them. And in the long term they would like to make a musical tour of Central America.

People who want to know more about Renovado DC can search for him under the same name on social networks and digital music platforms and for direct contact they can call + 1-829-307-8933.

In the same way, people who need their intercession to pray for their intentions can communicate in the same way and also pray for them so that they can continue to carry the gospel through urban music.

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