June 14, 2021

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A minor dies in a Ponce Diagnosis and Treatment Center

Photo: Cybernews

PONCE – A 5-year-old girl died on Sunday afternoon, in the Emergency Room of the San Lucas Diagnosis and Treatment Center, in the El Tuque neighborhood in Ponce, the Police reported.

The minor’s mother, Wanda Acosta, transported her daughter to the CDT after the girl told her she had pain in her limbs.

While they were in the waiting room, the minor began to present apparent respiratory distress, for which she was assisted by two nurses.

The girl passed away shortly after. It was reported that at the time of the investigation the minor did not show visible signs of violence.

Agents from the Ponce Area Criminal Investigation Corps began an investigation into the event.

Prosecutor Fabiola Rivera ordered the transfer of the minor’s body to Forensic Sciences for an autopsy.

The authorities informed the Department of the Family of the event.

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