June 13, 2021

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A minor drowned

SAN JUAN – A minor drowned around 9:05 on Wednesday night, at Casa Zafra, located on Calle Loíza, in San Juan, the police revealed.

According to the authorities’ investigation, while the minor Yetxiel Rivera Colón, aged 1 year and 10 months, a Caguas resident, was in the company of his parents and paternal family in the aforementioned place, he fell into the pool under circumstances that found under investigation.

The child was transported to the San Jorge hospital in Santurce, where Dr. Julio Rivera certified his death.

Aixa Casa, a social worker from the Department of the Family and agent De Jesús assigned to the Division of Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse of the CIC of San Juan, who together with agent Orlando Rosado, assigned to the Division of Homicides, attended the place. of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps and the prosecutor Lynnette Velázquez began an investigation into the incident.

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