July 28, 2021

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A new dust cloud from the Sahara will affect air quality this weekend

If you've already started to see the skies clear and you plan to go out this weekend, be sure to take appropriate action, as a new cloud of dust from the Sahara will cause hazy skies and affect air quality mainly, between Saturday and Sunday.

According to meteorologist Fernanda Ramos, from the National Weather Service, it is observed through satellite images that the cloud will not be as dense as the one it covered to the island since the beginning of the week and which was classified as historical for its effect on air quality, which reached the dangerous level last Tuesday.

However, people suffering from respiratory diseases or asthma should take precautions to this weekend. For this, experts recommend limiting prolonged outdoor exposure and the use of masks.

Ramos indicated that the dust will gradually decrease between Monday and Tuesday, and the entry of a new tropical wave is expected by Wednesday, causing downpours in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

For her part, the meteorologist Deborah Martorell indicated this morning that the Sahara dust cloud will cause dry air and a lot of heat, although there will be the possibility of rains for the western area in the afternoon, as well as a little humidity on Sunday morning.

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