February 24, 2021

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A person is imprisoned for a violent incident

Photo: EFE / Thais Llorca

Aguadilla – A person was arrested after threatening to kill a man, at the intersection of Victoria Avenue with Lorencita Ramírez de Arellano Street, in Aguadilla, the Police reported.

According to the authorities’ investigation, Carmen Cabán Roldán, 41, was carrying two knives when she began to hit the glass of the front of a Nissan car owned by Santos Torres Avilés, whom she threatened to kill on Sunday night.

Torres Avilés told the police that at the time of the incident he felt fear for his safety and started the car and left the place.

Cabán Roldán was charged with the crimes of violation of the Weapons and Threats law.

Agent Samuel Méndez investigated the incident and referred it to prosecutor Geisha González, who presented the evidence to Judge Dennis Feliciano Crespo.

The judge determined cause, imposing on Cabán Roldán a bail of 15,000 dollars, which he did not pay, being admitted to a jail in Bayamón.

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