August 4, 2021

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A person is shot dead in Guaynabo

GUAYNABO – One person died from the gunshot wounds he received in an incident at around 6:17 pm on Saturday, on Highway 835 in the Mamey I neighborhood, Cuesta Los Castro, in Guaynabo, the police reported.

The person was identified as Miguel A. Torres Murphy, 33, who was transported by municipal paramedics to the Río Piedras Medical Center where he died of his injuries.

According to the investigation, Torres Murphy was driving a gold Ford Explorer when he was shot. The body of the bus was damaged by the bullets.

Agents assigned to the Homicide Division of the Bayamón CIC, took charge of the investigation together with the prosecutor Carmen Iris Ortiz Rodríguez.

Torres Murphy’s vehicle was seized by the Police and taken to the Bayamón Command.

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