November 28, 2020

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A property on the beach of Isla Verde wakes up with garbage

Part of the beach of Isla Verde in Carolina, woke up today, Sunday, with abundant garbage, according to reports on social networks.

In particular, the images shared by the blogger of José Falcón travels, with a video in which the garbage that was left the day after July 4 is observed.

The images show an undetermined quantity of foam coolers, glasses, papers, plastic bottles of "godfather" size, water bottles, plastic bags and cans.

"We deserve to have our beaches closed for three more months. It is time for legislators to legislate a law to ban foam coolers, which do so much damage to them our environment and also legislate to reduce the use of plastic, we are generating TOO MUCH plastic, the next generations will never forgive us, "said Falcón.

Falcón also indicated in the publication that" even the hotel chairs They vandalized. "

The publication, shared nearly 3,000 times, was accompanied by thousands of reactions and hundreds of messages from people expressing their outrage.

Falcón indicated that the area became worse, because it recorded after the brigades of the Municipality of Carolina had begun to collect garbage.

By mid-morning, the brigades had already completed the collection of the garbage.

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