November 25, 2020

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A second person is murdered in Aguada: a 23-year-old

A 23-year-old boy was murdered around 7:11 pm in the El Múcaro sector of the Lagunas de Aguada neighborhood, the police reported.

According to the preliminary police report, Javier Elias Rodríguez González was arriving at his home when he was shot to death.

Until now, the identity and whereabouts of the aggressor are unknown.

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The initial investigation was carried out by Agent Edwin Fantauzzi supervised by Sergeant Maribel Echevarría assigned to the local headquarters. Subsequently, the complaint was referred to the Homicide staff, who, together with members of the Technical Services and the public prosecutor on duty, took over the process.

This same night, another murder of a man was reported around 7: 30 pm on the PR-411 road, near the Atalaya neighborhood, in Aguada.

The subject, until now, has not been identified.

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