March 2, 2021

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A teenager continues to be connected to a fan by Covid-19 | government

A teenager hospitalized for coronavirus (Covid-19) more than a week ago continues to be held in intensive care and connected to an artificial respirator, according to the Department of Health website.

The agency has not reported the age of the minor. Before announcing that he was connected to a ventilator, Salud had reported that the pediatric patient was stable.

Meanwhile, the number of hospitalized woke up today at 435, nine less compared to yesterday’s figure. Of these, 69 adults are in intensive care and 40 are on ventilator.

The number of convalescents amounts to 17,355. Salud defines a convalescent patient as a “person who is recovering from an illness. Gradual recovery of health after illness.”

The country’s health system has 2,927 beds for adults, 215 intensive care beds and 777 ventilators.

Health reported 11 deaths today, of which 10 were confirmed, 492 confirmed cases and 379 probable cases. With these figures, the lines now increased to 599 deaths, 19,113 confirmed cases and 20,571 probable cases.

Situation in the municipalities

Covid-19 cases continue to rise, with the number of confirmed cases rising to 3,718. It is followed by Bayamón (1,692), Carolina (1,361), Guaynabo (747) and Caguas (657).

Culebra remains the municipality with the fewest confirmed cases, with 16 reported. This figure has not changed in the past weeks. Among the municipalities with fewer cases are also Vieques (21), Santa Isabel (29), Lajas (31), Guánica (33) and Maunabo (34).

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