March 1, 2021

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A tropical wave will produce thunderstorms this Wednesday with gusts of strong wind

A tropical wave will produce from early in the morning today, Wednesday, rain activity accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds in gusts due to the passage of a tropical wave over the local area, reported the National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan.

Meteorologist Rosalina Vázquez told The new day what From the early hours it will be the sectors of the southeast and east of the island that will receive the rain, but as the day passes the downpours will become generalized.

“We have the tropical wave that is beginning to affect the area. Currently the downpours that are affecting the island are rather concentrated in the southeast. Right now a band of heavy downpours is entering and there is a line of downpours that would be moving from east to west later in the morning, ”the expert explained by telephone.

He highlighted that the pattern of moderate to strong downpours, which include thunderstorms with gusting winds, is anticipated for various sectors of the island. However, the western area would be where the most intense thunderstorms are concentrated, according to the SNM.

Map showing low risk in yellow and moderate risk of thunderstorms in orange. (NOAA / NWS)

Also, the meteorological agency issued a moderate risk of urban floods and small streams for most sectors on the island.

In fact, Vázquez urged citizens to exercise caution because the soils are already saturated and any long-lasting downpour could generate floods or landslides.

He warned, in turn, that it is not ruled out that a flood warning will be issued early in the morning due to the rains that are already affecting some sectors.

Map showing low irrigation in yellow and moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams in orange.
Map showing low irrigation in yellow and moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams in orange. (NOAA / NWS)

The meteorologist reported, in turn, that the wind is blowing within the average, so the movement of the downpours could vary. However, she stressed that thunderstorms with strong gusts of wind are expected, so this could quickly move the rains in some sectors.

“We could be at least late tonight with downpours. Tomorrow during the day we could see other showers and in the afternoon a mass of dry air arrives that will limit the formation of rains “, Vázquez anticipated.

The weather agency anticipated that maximum temperatures today will be in the low 90s Fahrenheit with heat indices as high as 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, the expert warned that maritime conditions continue with choppy waves between three to six feet and sometimes up to eight, so the risk of ocean currents remains moderate for most of the island’s beaches, except in the west.

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