April 11, 2021

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A White House official confirms that there will be "multiple" resignations to the Fiscal Board

Washington – Faced with the fact that "multiple members" of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) are considering resigning, the White House and the leadership of Congress have begun talks on how to replace those places.

“Multiple members of the JSF have expressed their interest in leaving the board in the near future and the White House has begun working with the leaders of Congress to chart a path for the Board to continue its important work, "said a White House official, to questions from El Nuevo Día.

The resignations of José Carrión and Carlos García to the JSF occurred this morning amid reports that other members of the fiscal entity, created four years, they consider resigning.

The expressions of the Casa Banca confirm that situation.

In reacting to the resignations, the White House official – who asked not to be identified – also gave a boost to Promesa. [19659005] According to the official, the JSF "fulfills an important function to improve the situation and the long-term fiscal health of Puerto Rico after decades of negligence, debts and unfulfilled promises."

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