July 29, 2021

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A young 22-year-old teacher aspires to the municipal legislature of Ciales for the MVC

Ezequiel Berrios Reyes, physical education teacher and resident of the Pozas neighborhood in the municipality of Ciales, presented the proposals that he intends to bring to the municipal assembly under the banner of the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC).

“I want to promote measures based on four pillars: sustainable development, transparency in municipal administration, citizen participation and help to the most needy with the purpose that different specific initiatives come out from the municipal legislature of Ciales for the benefit of the citizens of our people” The 22-year-old candidate pointed out in a statement.

The young MVC candidate stressed the importance that in the coming years the municipal administration of Ciales draw up budgets that prioritize the services provided to citizens and that are intended to improve the fiscal health of the municipality in order to establish a financial development of the various municipal agencies and effectively provide the services that are provided to the people.

“In the same way, I will be a direct contact between the municipal administration and the communities of the town of Ciales, with the purpose of establishing effective communication links and that the communities are a fundamental part of the social, economic, fiscal and environmental reconstruction of the municipality”, also said the student of public administration at the UPR.

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