March 4, 2021

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A young gunshot wound in Ponce

She was transported to the San Lucas hospital

Photo: Supplied

Ponce – As reported by the Police, a case was reported where a 19-year-old girl was wounded by a bullet in events that occurred on the grounds of the field on Santa Cecilia Street in the Santa Teresita urbanization in Ponce.

From the police report, an emergency call was received from the San Lucas Hospital in Ponce. They indicated that a young gunshot wound was transported to the scene.

Agents attached to the Ponce East Precinct, arrived at the scene and indicated that the young woman who was identified as Laura López Santiago was interviewed, who alleged that while she was on the grounds of the field, she heard several shots and was injured in the area of ​​the knee left leg.

She was transported to the aforementioned hospital institution where she was treated by Dr. Mariani, who diagnosed a fracture in her left leg and referred her to the Río Piedras Medical Center.

In addition, his condition was reported to be stable.

Agent José I. Torres from the Homicide Division appeared at the scene and took charge of the corresponding investigation.

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