May 14, 2021

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AAA Announces Changes to Ration Plan for Carraízo Subscribers | government

The president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Doriel Pagán, announced this morning changes in the rationing plan for the subscribers who use the Carraízo reservoir as a result of the rains registered this weekend. [19659002] The official explained that the period of service was extended to 28 hours.

“Today we made the decision, after consulting with the National Weather Service, to begin extended periods of service. It will be extended to 28 hours. That means that today at 9:00 am, when we generally make the zone change, zone A opens and zone B will close at 1:00 pm, "Pagán said in an interview with WKAQ 580 AM. [19659002] Meanwhile, he stressed that this removes the possibility of extending the rationing plan to 48 hours.

According to the AAA's daily monitoring, the dam reached the level of operational adjustments after increasing 0.82 meters. It is currently at 37.55 meters.

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