July 29, 2021

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AAA announces improvement project at Ponce Nueva Filter Plant

The announced improvements will ensure compliance with the federal Safe Water Act (SDWA) and include increased hydraulic capacity at the plant entrance.

photo: Cybernews

PONCE – The executive president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), engineer Doriel Pagán Crespo, announced on Friday the improvement and optimization project to be carried out at the Ponce Nueva filter plant located in this southern municipality.

“The works consist of improvements to all the treatment units of the plant to optimize the processes of clarification, filtration, disinfection and distribution of treated water to customers who are supplied from this facility,” said Pagán Crespo, in written communication.

The announced improvements will ensure compliance with the federal Safe Water Act (SDWA) and include increased hydraulic capacity at the plant entrance. In the same way, the chemical injection systems will be rehabilitated, the clarifiers of the plant will be made more efficient by installing new equipment, the eight filters will be rehabilitated, including the replacement of the filtering medium and the underdrain system. In addition, control valves will be replaced, new instrumentation and monitoring equipment will be installed and a new control system will integrate all treatment units.

For her part, the mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, María Eloísa Meléndez Altieri, added that “with this project we are certainly taking a step in the right direction. This investment responds to a claim that we have been making about such an important matter and that is part of the quality of life of our people. I thank the President of the Authority, Engineer Doriel Pagán, and Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced for addressing this situation that we classify as vital and that benefits a large part of our rural area ”.

Among the sectors that will be benefiting are: Las Delicias, Casamía, Marueños, Magüeyes, El Madrigal, Lomas de Country Club, Estancias del Golf Club, La Lula, Villa Paraíso, Pastillo, Cerca del Cielo, Highway 132 towards Peñuelas, Quebrada del Agua, Jardines del Caribe, Villa Delicias, La Providencia, Punto Oro, Baramaya, La Matilde and Punta Diamante.

Other sectors are El Tuque, Tamarindo, Highway PR 2 to Guayanilla, the urban area, Villa Machuelo, La Rambla, Barriada Ferrán, Residencial Aristides Chavier, Residencial Ramos Antonini, Río Canas, La Alhambra, Perla del Sur, Riberas de Bucaná, Villa Elena, Flamboyanes, Barrio Maragüez and Pueblito Nuevo.

Also, Cantera, La Guadalupe, Santa Clara, La Playa, Villa Esperanza, Cast Anaida, Bella Vista, El Tamarindo, Mercedita, Santa Rosa, Hill Crest, Clausells, Campo Alegre, Brisas del Caribe, Alta Vista, Starlight, Buena Vista, Lirios del Sur Residential, López Nussa Residential, Dr. Pila Residential, San Lucas II Hospital, Damas Hospital, Jaguas, Quebrada Limón and Constancia.

“With this important project that will have a duration of two years and a federal investment of 11,744,646 dollars from the State Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWSRF) for its acronym in English, we will benefit 51,430 clients of the Ciudad Señorial”, said the president executive of the AAA.

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