June 15, 2021

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AAA announces improvements to infrastructure of the Toa Alta operational area

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ARECIBO – The executive president of the Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (AAA), engineer Doriel Pagán Crespo, presented last Friday, January 22, 2021, the operational projects carried out and those of infrastructure improvements to be auctioned during 2021 and the second quarter of 2022 to the mayors and elected legislators who cover the operational area of ​​Toa Alta.

Pagán Crespo detailed in a written communication that “during the meeting held in the municipality of Dorado, we presented the projects contemplated to improve the infrastructure such as; the improvements and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer plants in the municipalities of Corozal, Naranjito, Dorado, Toa Alta and Vega Alta, with an approximate investment of $ 13,500,000 ”.

“The works will include the rehabilitation of raw water intakes and filtration plants; Negros de Corozal, Cedro Arriba in Naranjito, Enrique Ortega and the La Plata dam, both located in Toa Alta, with an investment of $ 47,000,000. In the same way, the new sanitary trunk of Dorado is included with an investment of 32,500,000 dollars and the completion of the distribution tank located in the Corozal Urbana filter plant with a construction cost of 1,000,000 dollars ”, indicated the official.

On the other hand, the projects carried out during the past years were presented.

In the municipality of Corozal, electric generators were installed in the following facilities: Negros dam and filter plant and Cibuco dam with an investment of $ 392,035.

In addition, a substation and electrical panel were installed in the Negros dam and intermediate tank.

As part of the future operational projects is: replacement of electrical substation at Palmarito station and installation of electrical panels at Winche pump station.

While, in the municipality of Naranjito, an electric generator was installed in the Cedro 1 dam with an investment of 115,000 dollars.

The electrical panels were rehabilitated at the Achiotes 1 and Lomas del Viento stations.

Likewise, to improve service stability, a 4-inch diameter pipe was renewed in the Mulitas sector at the end of Lomas del Viento and the hydraulic model of the Cedro Arriba system was evaluated to identify optimization opportunities.

On the other hand, pumps will be purchased for the stations: Los Cerros and Lomas 2. It also includes the acquisition of the electrical panel for the Cedro 1 dam.

In the municipality of Dorado, electric generators were installed at the San Juan Cement pump station and the Santa Rosa and Nevarez wells, with an investment of $ 351,500.

As a future project, an electric generator will be installed at the Río Lajas pump station. In the municipality of Vega Alta, an inverter system and transformers were being installed at the Sabana Hoyos 2 pump station. Similarly, the pipeline was renewed in the Sierra Maestra sector. For the future, security camera systems will be installed at the Sabana Hoyos 2, Pámpanos 1 and 2 stations, with an investment of 153,912 dollars.

On the other hand, in the municipality of Toa Alta, electric generators were installed in the Winche and Contorno pump stations, with an investment of 290,668 dollars. In addition, a control panel was installed at the Toa Alta Heights sewer station and a new pump was installed at the Barrio Ortiz station. As a future, an electric generator will be installed at the Convento pump station and electric panels at the Quebrada Cruz and Winche stations with an investment of $ 134,000.

Finally, Pagán Crespo thanked the mayors present and representatives who cover the municipalities that comprise the Toa Alta operational area: Dorado, Toa Alta, Corozal, Naranjito and Vega Alta.

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