August 1, 2021

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AAA employee dies from Covid-19 | government

An employee of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), who had been out of her duties for two weeks for personal reasons, died after testing positive for Covid-19.

“On Thursday of last week an epidemiologist called us and explained that the employee was positive for Covid-19. So, in that sense, we did not take action on that case because the employee had been away for two weeks. If the building was disinfected, the direct contacts of another employee who tested positive for Covid-19 were identified, “said the director of the Human Resources Office of the public corporation, Glorimar Chiclana, to THE SPOKESMAN.

At the moment, three employees of the public corporation have tested positive for Covid-19, including the worker who died.

“The employees have been a bit confused because obviously these situations have occurred one run after another, but the process according to the protocol established by the Authority was followed to the letter. Interviews were done to find out who the direct contacts were, those direct contacts were sent to do molecular tests, those tests came out negative and that same night everything that is the floor was disinfected, “he added.

The AAA protocol indicates that once there is a positive case for Covid-19, according to Chiclana, the corresponding questions should be asked to determine the direct contacts of those positive employees. He added that if five days have not passed since the contact with the employee who tested positive occurred, the workers are sent to quarantine.

“Once the five days pass, then they are sent to be tested for Covid-19. In addition to that, every time there is a positive case, the area or floor where that employee is is disinfected and sanitized ”, added Chiclana.

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