March 7, 2021

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AAA ensures quality in the production of water in Ponce | government

The director of the Ponce area of ​​the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Tamara Rivera Figueroa, assured today morning, the quality of water that is served to customers in her area.

“During In the past few days we have received complaints from some clients regarding drinking water service. As a consequence of the dry weather recorded in the past months on the Island, a high concentration of manganese was identified in the intake of raw water from the Cerrillos de Ponce reservoir. Due to this situation, clients who use the Ponce Nueva, Ponce Vieja and Coto Laurel filter plants have reported changes in the color of the water served by the facilities, "reported Rivera Figueroa.

He explained that" manganese is a mineral that is always present in water bodies. When periods of low precipitation occur, this mineral increases its concentration in the dam. Once the raw water with a high concentration of manganese reaches the filtration plant, it tends to react with the application of chlorine, which we use daily for the production of the drinking water service. This reaction is what causes the water to turn yellowish. However, contrary to situations of high turbidity where particulate is registered in the water, the presence of manganese does not represent a health risk and maintains the quality parameters of the water we serve, "Rivera Figueroa explained.

The official added that, as mitigation measure, agency personnel are maintained in areas that have reported changes in the color of the water to carry out the drainage process in the lines, by opening hydrants.

“We are aware of the concern and discomfort of our clients when encountering this situation. It is important to emphasize that this situation is not a matter of water quality and does not represent any risk to health, "emphasized the area director.

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