June 15, 2021

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AAA failure will leave several sectors of the metro area without service | government

The executive director of the Metropolitan Region of the Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (AAA), Roberto W. Martínez Toledo, reported that several sectors that use the Sergio Cuevas filter plant, located in the municipality of Trujillo Alto, experience interruption of the drinking water service, due to a larger diameter pipe failure.

“During the morning of today, Thursday, personnel of the Metro Region were notified of a breakdown in a section of cross country. Once they arrived at the site, a leak could be identified in a larger diameter line of the raw water that supplies the Sergio Cuevas filter plant, ”explained Martínez Toledo.

In the same way, the official added that in order to control the flow of water and be able to start the repair work, it is necessary to close the distribution system of the Sergio Cuevas filter plant, so residents of the municipalities of Trujillo Alto, Cupey, Miramar, Santurce, Condado, Isla Verde, Old San Juan, urban Carolina and rural Canóvanas will experience service interruptions.

On the other hand, customers in the upper parts of Santurce and various sectors in Hato Rey could also be affected.

“Our staff will work continuously to complete the repair work in the shortest time possible and restore service,” added Martínez Toledo.

Due to the possibility of turbidity during the service reestablishment process, it is recommended that citizens boil the water for three minutes before consumption.

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