November 30, 2020

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AAA initiates plan of interruptions in sectors of Río Grande and Canóvanas

The director of the Metropolitan Region of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Roberto W. Martínez Toledo, reported that the levels in the raw water intake of the Guzmán river in the municipality of Río Grande have dropped considerably due to the lack of precipitation, which has caused the Guzmán Arriba filter plant to not receive sufficient flow to cover its water production.

Therefore, sectors of the municipalities of Río Grande and Canóvanas will begin a plan for scheduled interruptions today eight hours in the drinking water service.

“It is important to exhort the citizens about the prudent use of water during the opening and restoration of the service as the distribution system fills up. The established interruption schedule is an initial one and will depend on the weather conditions and the consumption of the subscribers as factors to be extended. Likewise, we inform that the high and distant parts of the system are the last to recover the potable water service, “explained Martínez Toledo.

The subscribers of the municipality of Río Grande who will initiate a service interruption plan today from The residents of the Guzmán Arriba sector are from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am Similarly, residents of the Palma Sola and Peniel sectors in the municipality of Canóvanas will be affected.

On the other hand, the director regional coordinated with the mayor of Canóvanas, Lornna Soto, and with the mayor of Río Grande, Ángel González, the oases that will be located in the sectors that will be affected by this plan to interrupt the drinking water service.

As a measure for mitigation, oasis trucks will remain available, on the PR-956 highway at the PR-958 intersection in the Guzmán Arriba sector, in the municipality of Río Grande, and the PR-957 highway at the PR-9957 intersection in the Palma Sola sector, in the municipality of Canóv anas.

“We remind customers that when the service is restored, they should be prudent with their consumption so that the system achieves optimal recovery levels,” said the director of the AAA Metropolitan Region.

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