January 17, 2021

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AAA reports interruption of service in Gurabo and Juncos sectors | government

Brigades from the Caguas operational area of ​​the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) preventively stop the entry of raw water to the Gurabo filter plant, as reported by Milton Pérez Oquendo, director of the Caguas operational area. [19659002] "The entry of raw water from the Gurabo filter plant was stopped preventively after perceiving problems in the receiving water body, so personnel were mobilized to travel the river," said the official.

AAA make operational adjustments to distribution systems to transfer drinking water from other systems. However, residents of the Rincón de Gurabo neighborhood, as well as Lirios, Valenciano, Piñas, Zona Industrial, parts of Ceiba Norte and the urban area of ​​Juncos will experience from low pressures to interruption of drinking water service.

Once resume production and distribution at the filter plant, boiling water for three minutes prior to consumption is recommended.

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