July 30, 2021

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AAA reports work at Caimital pump station in Aguadilla

Photo: Edna Winti / Visualhunt

AGUADILLA – Brigades of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) carry out work to optimize the operation of the Caimital pump station in Aguadilla, which has had mechanical problems during the past days, reported the deputy director in the west region, Eng. Eric Rosa.

The official said that while the works are completed, the pumping station could operate at a lower capacity and the Caimital system will have intermittences.

The places with low pressure, intermittences or lack of service are the Caimital, Corrales, Guerrero, Ceiba, Arenales neighborhoods and the Vista Verde sector in Aguadilla. Likewise, the subscribers residing in the Centro neighborhood in Moca have interruption.

During the night of today drains were made to release air from the lines and help in the recovery of the water service. Tomorrow, Saturday, work will continue to improve the operation of the pumps.

The AAA recommends boiling the water for three minutes, given the possibility of turbidity, when resuming the service.

For more information, subscribers can contact the Customer Service Call Center at (787) 620-2482. They can also access the internet portal www.acueductospr.com

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