June 13, 2021

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AAA will evaluate tropical wave effects before making a decision on service interruption

Despite the fact that the level of the Carraízo reservoir registered its most significant decline today, the president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Doriel Pagán, said that she would not anticipate the imposition of a plan interruption for the 180,000 clients who use the lake until the impact of the rain expected these days with the arrival of a tropical wave is known.

“We are doing everything possible to avoid an impact such as This in the Carraízo reservoir. Therefore, weather forecasts for us are very important, because basically we depend on them to materialize in order to update the information, "said the official.

Yesterday, the level of the Carraízo reservoir was 37.61 meters, thus reflecting a decrease of 13 centimeters, the most significant in the past weeks, Pagán said. Last Tuesday, the reservoir reached the level of "operational adjustments" and would enter "control" if it dropped to 37.20 meters. "It is expected that between Wednesday (today) and Friday we could receive a tropical wave that could be impacting the eastern part of the country," he said.

"It takes a lot of rain to reverse the process that we have been reporting for months … But, any episode of rain at this time could be beneficial for the reservoir and for the rivers that supply Carraízo, "he acknowledged.

In fact, this region is one of the most affected by drought. On June 21, the AAA initiated a plan of interruptions after the levels in the raw water intakes of the Canóvanas and Canovanillas rivers dropped considerably due to the lack of precipitation, which caused the Canóvanas filter plant to not receive the sufficient flow to cover your water production. Meanwhile, today, Wednesday, he did the same with 250 clients from Canóvanas and Río Grande who receive water from the Guzmán Arriba filter plant.

He added that they are closely observing the Juncos filter plant, as well as that of Humacao serving residents of Las Piedras. They are also attentive to the Espino filter plant in San Lorenzo and the Maizales and Duque filter plants in Naguabo. "They have also significantly lowered their flow in the river," he said.

Given the continuity in the reduction of the levels of the reservoir due to drought – an episode that is repeated with some regularity-, he said that last week they awarded a project for the removal of aquatic plants and they are about to auction a project for the installation of a laminar aeration system, which would allow in future events to have a greater capacity to manage the available water in Carraízo.

To customers, he said, the recommendation is to use the resource properly and not store water unnecessarily. "Precisely, these behaviors do not help to make the recovery time as short as possible, but rather, over-storing water affects the recovery time. We will continue to report the progress and operational changes that we have as we have been doing so far, "said Pagán.

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