June 12, 2021

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About 300 young people were exposed to Covid-19 at a party in Texas | PRESENT

About 300 teens were exposed to the coronavirus at a party in a posh suburb in the hills of central Texas, Austin public health authorities reported.

Middle school students attended the "Pongfest" party. on June 20 at Lakeway, said Sandy Cox, mayor of the town about 20 miles west of Austin.

Some of the attendees were waiting for the results of their Covid-19 tests when they went to the party and since then have tested positive for the virus, the Austin Department of Public Health said in a statement Friday.

"The virus often hides in healthy people and passes on to those who are at high risk of being hospitalized and dying," health authorities noted. "While young people are less prone to complications, they are not immune to severe symptoms and death from Covid-19."

In a live broadcast announcement on Facebook, Cox said that anyone who attended the party should quarantine and report contact trackers to your participation. The incident is under investigation by Austin contact trackers.

"Unfortunately, it is highly likely that our number of cases will increase," said Cox.

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