July 29, 2021

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About $ 48 million has been returned in PUA and unemployment checks

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos Rivera, said today that almost $ 48 million has been returned by the citizens in PUA and unemployment checks.

In an interview with Telenoticias, Rivera did not specify how much money corresponded to each benefit, however he called for “the person who did the wrong thing to report.”

As of October 16, the money returned in a three-week period amounted to $ 41 million. In a single week, $ 2,766,145 in PUA checks were returned. While $ 489,456 of unemployment insurance was returned.

This figure was updated by Rivera after he reported that a group of contractors and career employees of the Department of Labor were being investigated for committing PUA fraud.

A total of seven contractors were terminated from their jobs and four career employees were suspended from employment but not from salary with the intention of dismissal.

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