April 17, 2021

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Absolut highlights the work of small entrepreneurs

As part of the “Absolut for Puerto Rico” campaign, launched last June, along with a limited edition bottle alluding to the country, the vodka brand integrates small businessmen into its campaign supporting them with the purchase of products and exposure through the portal created for the campaign www.absolutporpuertorico.com.

“As part of our campaign, #AbsolutPorPuertoRico we intend to support a large group of these micro-entrepreneurs who are making a difference with the purchase of products and media exposure. We hope that through our voice we can communicate the importance of supporting them and giving them the recognition they deserve for their hard work, dedication, perseverance and above all love for their country, ”said Jo-Ann Santiago, Spirits Brand Manager of B. Fernandez & Hnos. Inc.

Microenterprises, or also known as PyMES (Small and Medium Entrepreneurs), play an extremely important role in Puerto Rico, as they represent a great boost to local production and the country’s economy, in addition to promoting our culture and traditions. The companies or brands selected for the purchase of products were: Barras, a line of artisan soaps made in Ponce; Well Cool, postcards with very creative and original messages; Borikiki and Salón Boricua, both brands of stickers with Puerto Rican messages and designs, and Palabrareo, t-shirts, mugs and articles alluding to Puerto Rican slang. In addition, a directory was created on the website with information about local restaurants and bars so that people know their hours, locations and social networks.

Finally, as part of this effort, in order to give them exposure and tell their success stories, ABSOLUT created a series of interviews conducted by the Puerto Rican actress and influencer, Didi Romero, which will be published on the Facebook page Absolut Puerto Rico. Absolut Puerto Rico is extremely proud of each of these alliances, and we bet that each of these emerging businesses can contribute very positively in the present and future to a better Puerto Rico.

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