August 1, 2021

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ACAA warns of an increase in fatal accidents in these months

As of October 27 of this year there are 187 deaths from traffic accidents

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San Juan – The executive director of the Automobile Accident Compensation Administration (ACAA), Margarita Nolasco Santiago, revealed on Friday that between the months of August and December the number of deaths from traffic accidents increases.

“As of October this year we have a notable reduction in deaths from car accidents. We want to continue that trend. Of course, one life is too much, so we want to alert our drivers not to lower their guard in these months of the year when we celebrate such emblematic events as Discovery of Puerto Rico, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas, as well as Farewell of the Year and until Halloween ”, highlighted Nolasco Santiago in written communication.

Consequently, he urged motor vehicle drivers to do so defensively and with attention to the norms established by law, such as not consuming alcohol in excess, not using the cell phone without the “hands free” equipment or texting, not exceeding speed limits, as well as wearing a seat belt.

Although in recent years the number of deaths on the roads has decreased dramatically (308 people in 2018 and 289 in 2019), the statistics of the Traffic Safety Commission (CST) also reflect increases in these months of the year.

As of October 27 of this year there are 187 deaths from traffic accidents, a figure exceeded by the two years prior to this same date (227 in 2019; 210 in 2018).

Of these 187 deaths, 39.16 percent are drivers; 26.7 percent pedestrians; 18.2 percent motorcyclists; 10.2 percent passengers; 3.7 percent cyclists, and 1.6 percent for use of four track.

However, he highlighted that in 2018 traffic accident deaths soared between mid-August and December 31 with 151 deaths, to close the year with 308 fatalities.

In the first 7 and a half months of 2018, 157 died. That is, 49 percent of fatalities in 2018 occurred in just 4 and a half months, and 51 percent in the first 7 and a half months.

This pattern was repeated last year, albeit a little less dramatic.

Between mid-August and December 31, 124 people died in traffic accidents, 43 percent of the total deaths that year. In the first 7 and a half months, 165 fatalities occurred, 57 percent of the total deaths that year.

“Puerto Rico is still facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we live with this and with other stressors caused by the coronavirus. However, we must adapt to the situation and maintain a culture of peace, healthy driving and attentive to established rules on the roads. Guiding defensively, not aggressively, can also save a life, ”said Nolasco Santiago.

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