March 7, 2021

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Acevedo Vilá warns of danger of losing $ 1 billion from Medicaid

The former governor and candidate for resident commissioner for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, denounced today that the government of Puerto Rico is exposed to the loss of $ 1,054 million in Medicaid funds, destined to the care and health insurance of people from low income.

According to the popular leader, this is due to managerial execution problems and the absence of affirmative actions by the resident commissioner, Jenniffer González who, “Just three weeks after the term of use of those funds expired, it has not requested the extension of the terms through congressional legislation.”

In a conference at the party headquarters and accompanied by several legislators and candidates for legislative positions, the former governor of Puerto Rico, also revealed a letter from Governor Wanda Vázquez sent on September 1, 2020 to the main leaders of both parties in the Congress of the United States, in which he requests urgent attention from Congress before the imminent expiration of the deadline for the use of the funds scheduled for September 30, the date on which the federal fiscal year closes.

“This letter that we make public today, puts on the table the serious problem of lack of communication and coordination of Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González with the first executive to the point that a remaining allocation of $ 1,054,200,000.00 is in danger simply because the government representative of Puerto Rico in the federal capital has not requested an extension of the term to its peers in the United States Congress. It is more than evident that the resident commissioner does not want to collaborate with the governor, to the point that the latter has to write to the congressional leadership for the inaction of Jenniffer González. It seems that the primary war in the PNP is not over yet, “said Acevedo Vilá.

The popular leader explained that the United States Congress approved a total of $ 2,916,188,000 for Medicaid programs in Puerto Rico, which is supposed to be used in the current federal fiscal year, which runs from October 1, 2019 to October 30. September 2020.

At present, he said, only $ 1,861,988.00 or 64% of the total funds have been used, which would cause that until September 30, the government of Puerto Rico risks losing the remainder of $ 1,054,200,000 that represents the 36% of the allowance, if a term extension for the next fiscal year is not approved.

“This is a serious situation that, if it materializes, could end up collapsing our health system and services, when we have barely managed to overcome and control the spread of COVID-19. We have no time to waste. This challenge requires a public call for bipartisan consensus between Democrats and Republicans for action from Congress. The situation is aggravated when taking into account that the federal fiscal year ends this next September 30 and the House of Representatives has only 10 days of scheduled voting prior to this date, “Acevedo Vila points out in a letter addressed to the governor and the Commissioner. Resident.

Medicaid is a federal health care and insurance program for low-income families and individuals, including older adults, children, and people with special needs. In Puerto Rico this program offers help to 1.4 million people.

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