May 12, 2021

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ACODESE launches a new Board of Directors

“A year full of challenges awaits us that we will take seriously,” said the incoming president, Agnes B. Suárez.

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SAN JUAN – On Wednesday, the Forty-fifth General Assembly of the Puerto Rico Insurance Companies Association (ACODESE) was held virtually, where the report of the work carried out in the past year was presented and the new 2020 Board of Directors was also elected – 2021.

The outgoing president, Mr. Roberto Pando of MCS Life Insurance Company, presented his report where, among other things, he highlighted the most important achievements such as the legislations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, legal approaches arising from hurricane claims Irma and María and earthquakes, draft amendments to the Insurance Code, legislative measure on the treatment of catastrophic reserve and their participation in court in cases concerning the industry.

“For some time now and in the face of unexpected situations that have arisen in Puerto Rico such as hurricanes Irma and María, earthquakes and now the Covid-19 pandemic, the insurance industry has had to evolve. People are now more aware of the importance of having good insurance, which is why the challenge is greater when having to educate, create legislation and clarify many doubts that arise on the subject. Thanks to the outgoing president and the entire group that worked with him, we have been successful ”, highlighted Iraelia Pernas, executive director of ACODESE in written communication.

Following the presentation of the achievement report of each committee by the outgoing president and the treasury report by Mr. Federico Grosso de Assurant and as part of the work in the assembly, the new board of directors was appointed for 2021-2022.

It is made up of Mrs. Agnes Suárez, AIG, president, Mr. Rafael Blanes, USIC, vice president, Mr. Federico Grosso, Assurant, treasurer and Mr. Alejandro Morales, CHUBB, as secretary. In addition, they have Dr. Tony Pérez, Óptima Seguros Mr. José Benítez, Universal Insurance, Mr. Luis Torres, Humana and Mr. Francisco Artau, First Medical Health Plan.

“I am extremely honored and motivated by this new assignment that I assume with great responsibility and sensitivity. During my professional life, I have stood out for putting my soul in every challenge that comes my way; this will not be the exception. A year full of challenges awaits us that we will take seriously, ”said the incoming president, Agnes B. Suárez.

On the other hand, Pernas highlighted the commitment of each of the insurers that are part of the association, “all the members of this Association are very committed people. Without a doubt, we put the well-being of our Island and its citizens first. We have faced disasters that have tested our tenacity, but we have succeeded in every challenge. “

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