August 4, 2021

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ACT resumes operations at headquarters | government

The Highway and Transportation Authority (ACT) resumed operations at the South Tower of the Government Center of Minillas, after an employee who tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) tested negative for a molecular test (PCR). [19659002] The probable case of Covid-19 was reported on Sunday. The ACT offices are located on the 10th floor of the South Tower of Minillas, in Santurce.

On the other hand, it reported that the 16th floor of the facility, where a positive molecular test case was detected, was disinfected During today. Offices of various agencies, including the ACT, are located on this floor.

“In compliance with the applicable protocols, operations are resumed, but employees in the area where the positive was registered will remain in quarantine until they present evidence of a negative result. to molecular testing, "the agency detailed.

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