March 3, 2021

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Action Plan for the CDBG-DR Program is published and available for public comment.

Citizens can send their comments electronically, by phone or by mail.

Secretary of the Housing Department, Luis Carlos Fernández Trinchet, (Photo: Cybernews)

San Juan – The Department of Housing reported this Thursday that the fifth substantial amendment to the Action Plan for the CDBG-DR Program is now available and published on the website so that citizens can send their comments electronically, by phone or by mail. Postcard.

“The opinion of all the residents of the Island in this process is of the utmost importance, so we urge the general community, particularly non-profit organizations, governmental and non-governmental entities, as well as other interested parties to share this announcement with their families, friends and neighbors. We want all of Puerto Rico to be part of the reconstruction of our Island, ”said Housing Secretary Luis Fernández Trinchet in a written statement.

This amendment clarifies and expands the activities of the Puerto Rico Geospatial Structure programs (formerly the Agency Planning Initiatives Program), the Non-Federal Matching Program, and the City Revitalization Program.

Likewise, other programmatic changes were included, such as the clarification of the eligibility criteria and the description of the Community Facilities for Energy Resilience and Water Supply programs; Small Business Financing; Small Business Incubators and Accelerators; Job training; Tourism and Business Marketing; and the Investment Portfolio in Economic Development for Growth.

On the other hand, the amendment eliminates the Commercial or Construction Revolving Loan Program; the Multi-Family Housing Repair, Reconstruction and Resilience Program; and the Puerto Rico se Diseña Program.

It also eliminates the Crucial Infrastructure Resilience Program, but consolidates its activities within the Non-Federal Matching Program.

Likewise, it consolidates the Community Resilience Centers Program within the City Revitalization Program.

Fernández Trinchet indicated that other changes include, updating the budget table to reflect the reallocation of funds from the programs that are eliminated; the revision of some images according to changes in the proposed text; correcting the language of the fourth amendment to read in the past tense; and other minor grammatical changes.

For more detailed information on the amendment, citizens can access the Action Plan on the website

To submit your comments to the Action Plan, you can do so through the website; write to the email [email protected]; call 1-833-234-2324 or TTY 787-522-5950; or write to the postal address: CDBG-DR Puerto Rico Program, PO Box 21365, San Juan, PR 00928 1365.

To report any technical difficulty or make a question or suggestion, you can also complete the form in the contact section, by clicking the link

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