January 16, 2021

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Adjuntas will give $ 1,200 to farmers affected by the pandemic

Farmers in Adjuntas who suffered economic losses from the pandemic could be eligible to receive $ 1,200announced today Mayor Jaime Barlucea Maldonado.

The mayor explained that the municipality created the Special Fund for the Coronavirus Assistance Program, to which it allocated $ 500,000 from the Cares federal law.

In addition, it indicated that the eligibility requirements were established through a resolution that was approved by the municipal legislature. The document states that to qualify farmers must be registered in the Farmers Registry of the Department of Agriculture, Utuado Region – Adjuntas District and submit the application to the mayor’s office.

“The substantial suspension of the business activities of the small and medium-sized merchants prevented them from generating income or seeing a substantial reduction in them. This had a negative impact on the agricultural sector, the most important economic aspect in Adjuntas, so we decided to direct this aid to them. This sector employs hundreds of people so the effect was greater. We trust that this will serve as a relief to our farmers, ”said the municipal executive.

Barlucea Maldonado indicated that the request for assistance is already available at the mayor’s office and stressed that it must be delivered before the Tuesday, October 20 at 4:00 PM.

The mayor estimated that the aid should reach about 380 farmers, so he made a call for them to come as soon as possible to file their request.

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