July 28, 2021

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Adopting two little brothers is “the best thing that ever happened to me”

A comment from a social worker a few years ago activated something within the dance teacher Luis Fernando Candelaria Rivera, which led him to make a decision that completely changed his life and that of two brothers Jaiden Samuel and Eddie Jadiel.

Luis Fernando made in 2015, being single and 38 years old, the unusual decision to adopt, and fate led him to the brothers, who by then were children of four and six years in the custody of the Department of the Family (DF ).

“It all starts because I worked in a school in Vega Baja, and there was this very naughty boy, but he respected me. And when I go to the social worker to ask her the story of the child, who was a child from the Department of the Family, she tells me, ‘Why, do you want to adopt him?’ ”He recalled.

With that question “like something turned on in my brain,” and the process of finding out about the adoption process began. It was with the idea that emerged from the comments that he had heard that it was a “very difficult process, with many papers, very complicated, that it took a long time”. But the reality he found was different.

“On February 23, 2015, I began to fill out papers, and in November of that same year I met them. For those same Christmases, December 22, was our first Christmas together. By December 22, they were located in my house, living with me, ”he recalled.

He clarified that the child who ignited his desire to adopt at the Vega Baja school was not ready to be adopted, because the protocol that frees a minor from the custody of his parents had not been completed.

“The adoption process is not like a ‘shopper’, that you go and choose the cutest baby. No, that is not like that. And logically the Department of the Family has processes, the child has to be released from the custody of his parents, and the Vega Baja child was not released, “he explained.

However, the decision had already been made and was determined to move on. He went to receive orientation. He handed over the documents they asked for. The DF did its investigations and everything went well.

“The boy from Vega Baja could not be adopted, but I continued my adoption process. I went on and said, ‘Diosito, the child that they put in my path, that is the one that I am going to adopt. Period, ‘”he narrated.

And his request was answered, and enlarged, because when he received the call from the DF, they informed him that “we have a child that matches with you, but the child has a brother.”

“In my adoption application I stated that if they were siblings then I was not going to separate them. And I said, ‘I want to meet you both,’ ”she recounted.

And the day came to meet them. “I get up in the morning. I prayed. And I said, ‘God, whether he’s missing an arm, he’s got a medical condition, whatever. As long as you present the child to me, that will be my child. ‘ And that’s where they introduce me to Jaiden and Eddie. “

He went to meet them with his “magic suitcase” full of games, balls, puzzles, painting books, and everything he thought appropriate to spend the day with them. Then the children went to visit his house, and they could see his room decorated with superhero motifs, a theme that all three like.

“Jaiden wanted to stay that day, and Eddie didn’t. Eddie didn’t want to stay the first day. But already on the second visit they are located in my house and they stayed, happy and content until today, thank God. That was in December 2015. And in August 2016, a judge already legally ruled that they are my children, and they have my last names and everything, “he recalled, with evident satisfaction, while the brothers listened carefully to the story.

Luis Fernando assures that for a long time he had the idea of ​​adopting, but by then he was in the jangueo, studying, working two and three jobs, which he had to leave until he was left with only one after adopting.

“I do not regret anything. The word regret has not crossed my mind at any time. And they can take me out for a roof, because you don’t believe it, they are not easy many times, “he said, while the children exchanged a mischievous look of mischievous accomplices. “But it never crossed my mind to say I regret this decision.”

Along the way, there were a few friends who supported him, and also many friends who said, “Are you crazy? How are you going to take two babies? nowadays, that the situation, that if this, that it is very difficult ”.

“Is not difficult. If you organize yourself, you have a structure. I mean, it’s not that it’s the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not too complex. Anyone can adopt ”, he assured.

On behalf of the family, her mother’s support appeared as soon as she heard the news that she would be a grandmother, and her sisters had no qualms about becoming aunts.

But what do Jaiden and Eddie think of the adoptive dad that fate put them in the way?

It might be enough to observe how happy they were playing in the park where they met the Primera Hora team. But they preferred to let him know with their words, both Eddie, who, according to his dad, likes to talk the most, and Jaiden, who prefers to be more reserved.

“I feel very good. Now that I have a family I feel much better, because in the other house they mistreated me. I’m happy with my dad and my family, “said Eddie.

“I am super happy and happy. Because when I was in the other houses, all they did was leave me in the room, or play or anything. So when I got here I felt very happy. From the first day I wanted to stay I have been very happy. And with my family too, ”said Jaiden.

With its ups and downs, more difficult moments and others happier, therapies and a lot of affection, this family from Hatillo, has come forward, even after Luis Fernando was unemployed, to later achieve success selling heaters and other products. Both sons follow in his footsteps as future entrepreneurs, the oldest, Jaiden, with raising animals on the farm, and the youngest, Eddie, with key rings, displays and other similar items, the sales of which go to each one’s piggy bank.

“The most important thing in adoption is to be determined and know that you can do it. I do not regret any moment. Before I was alone, and now, everywhere, I walk with them. There are so many moments of happiness that the two of them have given me that adoption, I can tell you, is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. And look, I’ve traveled, I’ve danced in different countries, but the best thing that happened to me in life was being able to adopt. I really do, ”said Luis Fernando.

“Anyone who wants to adopt, who is undecided, do it. Do it, because not only do you have the happiness of life when you have a child, but you are going to give them happiness, you are going to give them that house, that home that they need, those emotional supports that they need. . So make the decision and do it, ”he insisted.

And while the proud father told a little more about the unusual story, the boys took the opportunity to record a surprise message for their father, which Luis Fernando will know when he sees our report: “Thank you for everything you have given us. Thank you for giving us a family. We love you. We love you”.

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