April 17, 2021

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AEE ensures that 99% of customers have electricity | government

The Electric Power Authority (PREPA) assured on its social networks that 99% of the agency's subscribers already have service.

"At 7:10 PM, 99% of customers are on duty. Brigades continue to work to restore service as soon as possible," the agency posted on its social networks.

In the afternoon, the AES plant suffered a failure that caused thousands of customers were left without service.

Much of the Island was left without electricity after the passage of tropical storm Isaías, despite PREPA executive director José Ortiz reiterating on countless occasions that the The country's electrical system was ready to face an atmospheric system.

The day before the storm, a blackout affected several municipalities for hours. At that time Ortiz indicated that there was no explanation for the blackout, however, hours later he indicated that the blackout had been the result of sabotage.

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