May 14, 2021

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AEE says that blackout "was not typical", although it does not know what caused it | government

The blackout that left more than 400,000 subscribers of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) without electricity service was attributed to an act of sabotage that concluded with the aforementioned department of the head of public cooperation to the Special Investigation Bureau ( NIE), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Administrative determination that was strongly questioned by the president of the Union of Electrical and Irrigation Industry Workers (Utier ), Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, at a press conference.

José Sepúlveda, director of Transmission and Distribution of PREPA, told EL VOCERO that there was no way that the blackout was attributed to fragility of the electrical system. He also specified that NIE officers went early to PREPA's Central Office, in Santurce, to request information about what happened to the executive director of the corporation, José Ortiz.

"Basically, what has been happening is that it started the investigation by federal and state authorities. Specifically, the NIE with the support of the FBI to verify what were the circumstances in which this event occurred and the facts for them to determine whether or not there was any illegal act in this matter, " He stated.

He also indicated that he does not know the reasons why the blackout was unleashed or the events that caused it.

"If we take a section of the system, we are going to say the line that had the problem, because as part of the However, it is made up of different points because it goes from Mayagüez to Isabela and from Isabela to Arecibo. There are switches in Mayagüez, Isabela and Arecibo. that they have some governors, or machines that monitor these lines and that the current is adequate. If something happens at some point they (the governors) will detect it and they will give an instruction to the 'breaker' that can be in any of those towns or a combination. The 'breaker' who is in Arecibo for some reason had that governor disabled and for that reason when what happened between Mayaguez and Isabela happened, the 'breaker' in Arecibo was not able to operate and the rest of the system was affected ",

He ruled out that the blackout has to do with the fragility of the electrical system because "this type of interruption is not typical, it is not normal."

This afternoon 12.5% ​​of PREPA's customers were without service due to inclement weather, although it was anticipated that said percentage would increase with the rains and winds of the tropical wave that moves to the south of Puerto Rico, while those affected by the blackout had already recovered service at night. Tuesday.

With the support of the state

On the other hand, the Secretary of the State Department, Elmer Román, confirmed that he received calls from Ortiz with "his concerns". "We are going to leave that that investigation Don't take your course, but there are some serious concerns about what happened there, "he said.

Criminally? He was asked.

" Well if we're talking about the FBI and Homeland Security being involved means that may be it, "he replied.

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