August 5, 2021

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After his resignation from the Fiscal Board, José Carrión points out successes and errors: "I made a mistake"

After his resignation as president of the Fiscal Oversight Board and reflecting on his successes and frustrations, José B. Carrión said that it was his mistake not to have established a bridge between the tax agency and the Legislature, which would have allowed a better relationship with the Presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

"I made a mistake and it was my mistake … There was an approach on the part of both of them in their way His day and I did not get it and the reason was because (former Governor Ricardo) Rosselló, when there were issues because everyone manifested the same thing, 'I would not like it, what happens is that I have problems with the Legislature'. That is always a private issue that always comes up, because I say let's get together, let me get closer, I asked for permission because as the law is structured, it is the Executive who has the singing voice, because I asked for permission and they said to me, 'no, no, we will take care of it', "Carrión revealed in an interview with El Nuevo Día .

" I made the mistake of following that topic and now we know that that was a mistake and I should have done it an approach to the presidents of the bodies and to the legislators per se, I only got to do it during Prepa and it was my mistake, "he said.

The insurance businessman also spoke of the" shame "he has felt during the meetings of the Board in which law firms representing the government have participated, as well as their position regarding the support of the private sector to the fiscal body and their opinion on the political class in Puerto Rico.

"I do not understand why be in power if you don't go ah I brought something fundamental with it. If you are not going to try to anticipate something you believe in, "said the politicians.

You can read the full interview this Sunday on the platforms of and in the printed newspaper.

Carrión reported Wednesday that he notified the White House that he will not be available to be renamed to a second term. His departure will be on October 5 or when the president of Donald Trump or Congress names a successor, whichever comes first.

Puerto Rican Carlos García also reported that he will leave his seat on the vacant Fiscal Board as of 31 August.

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