April 11, 2021

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Agents carry out arrest warrant and vehicle search in Ponce

They seized $ 16,315 in cash, drugs, a pistol, ammunition and a man was arrested

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Ponce – According to the Police, in the morning hours of Tuesday, agents filled out a search warrant and a vehicle search in the Santa Teresita urbanization in Ponce.

A man was arrested and seized a firearm, ammunition, controlled substances, cash and a motor vehicle.

The search warrant was directed to a residence on Calle San Marcos in the aforementioned urbanization.

At the time of placing the order, a pistol, model 92, 9mm caliber and a magazine, 90 ammunition (50 cal. 9mm and 40 cal. 22), approximately 80 grams and a bag of cocaine were seized. 6 ounces of marijuana bite, a vacuum sealing machine, a digital scale, 4 plastic rolls used for vacuum packaging and sealing and paraphernalia.

He also took, $ 16,315.00 in cash. The vehicle search warrant was made to the Toyota vehicle, a gray Yaris model, where a flake with marijuana and $ 110 in cash was seized.

Andy William Sotomayor Ramos, 46, was arrested at the scene.

This work was carried out by agents Samer Collazo and Carlos Medina under the supervision of Sergeant Martin Pérez of the Ponce Division of Drugs and Narcotics.

The arrest is being consulted with the prosecutor on duty for the possible filing of corresponding charges.

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