July 30, 2021

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Agents complete a search warrant in a residential complex in Ponce

Two women and a man were arrested for controlled substances

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Ponce – As reported by the Police, the arrest of two women and a man was reported in the middle of the execution of a search warrant carried out in the residential Hogares de Portugués in Ponce and carried out by agents assigned to the Division of Drugs, Narcotics, Vice Control and Illegal Weapons of Ponce.

It was reported that said order was addressed to apartment # 119 of the N building of the aforementioned residential area and where at the time of the same, 231 decks of heroin, 78 bags and 11 flakes containing marijuana, 25 bags of crack, were seized. 21 bags of cocaine, 35 pills and paraphernalia.

Additionally, $ 3,023 in cash was seized.

At the scene, Eduardo Negrón Pérez, 30, Iris Nieves Ruiz, 50, and Keyla Álvarez Nieves, 29, were arrested.

The arrests were consulted before the prosecutor Marimer Álvarez, who instructed to file complaints and be brought before a Magistrate, during hours today, leaving the three arrested in the custody of the Police.

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